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HEI has been selling, installing and servicing heat pumps for over a decade. We believe this technology is a cost-effective solution to lower energy bills and reduce fossil-fuel dependency.

Our technicians are happy to instruct you on this fairly new, growing solution to your home's heating and cooling needs.

Heat Pump Overview

The idea behind heat pumps is as old as refrigeration, dating back to the 18th century. However, heat pumps for heating the home weren't available on the market until the 1980's and it took a few decades for the concept to become commonplace. Today, heat pumps offer an economical way to improve your home's efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint.

Heat pumps work on the same principal of air conditioners, refrigerators and freezers. Electricity is used to pump a refrigerent through a closed circuit, consisting of essentially 2 stages- a condensor and an evaporator. The heat from the outside air is used to heat the refrigerant which will utlimately heat/cool your home during the refrigerant's changes between vapor and fluid and visa versa.

Heat Pump Diagram

The absence of the requirement for a fossil fuel source makes this technology a very environment-friendly way to heat and cool your home. In south-eastern Michigan, it is more efficient to run a heat pump 8 months out of the year than the traditional furnace/air conditioner combo.

Products and Partnerships

We offer a full line of Trane heat pumps for giving you a cost-efficient way to being green-energy to your home. Trane's quality has spoken for itself for over a century and we are proud to offer a top-tier brand to our customers.

Please visit Trane's website for a complete list of current product offerings and full specifications.


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