The HEI Difference

Heinanen Engineering sets itself apart from the competition in the level of professionalism and quality we bring to every job. Part of that drive inherently means educating each customer to ensure they are fully equipped to make the decisions and ask the right questions.

Whether the project is in the planning stages, scheduled maintenance, or a critical repair, our team trains the customer in the options and considerations that will impact their continued satisfaction.

Our Process

Our belief in educating the customer starts with explaining exactly what to expect during a new installation from our first meeting through implementation. Read about our process and see what we mean.

Request an Appointment

When you contact our offices for an in-home consultation, we will schedule you for a minimum of a 1.5 hour meeting with one of our well trained Comfort Consultants. It is also standard practice to call with a reminder of your appointment the day before and again about a half hour before your appointment in case you are unavailable at the last minute.

In-home Analysis

In your home, the Comfort Consultant will review your needs and concerns utilizing our “Comfort Concerns Survey”. This short survey is an important part of assessing your needs appropriately. The Comfort Consultant will then perform a room by room “load analysis” to more accurately determine the size of equipment that will be appropriate for your application. Finally, the Comfort Consultant will review your current equipment and the current installation. Once these events are completed, the Comfort Consultant will sit down with you and make suggestions as to which equipment is most appropriate for your application. Through discussion, he/she will help you make your final equipment selection. Before leaving your home, the Comfort Consultant will provide you with a written proposal detailing the equipment and services we will provide.

Follow-Up / Scheduling

You should expect a follow-up call from one of our friendly office personnel who will ask a few questions about how well the Comfort Consultant answered your questions at the appointment. All written proposals are valid for a period of 30 to 60 days. If we have not heard from you to confirm a project start date, we will again call you before the 30 day or the 60 day time period is over regarding your decision to further answer any questions you may have about the proposal we presented.

If you elect to have us perform the proposed work, the Comfort Consultant will return to your home to have you sign the final contract and discuss any final details. Within 2 business days, we will then call to set the date(s) of installation with you. Once you are on our schedule, you should receive a letter confirming the dates of installation and detailing the installation process.


Our installers will arrive at your home on the chosen dates and perform the work as outlined in your contract. We ask that you be available at the end of the installation so you may sign any final documents, any special offers and lastly so the installers can show you the operation and maintenance of your new equipment.


After the installation is complete, you will receive a follow up call from the office checking in to make sure you are satisfied with the installation and if you have any questions or concerns. A walk-thru with our Mechanical Engineer will also be scheduled. This is an opportunity for you to ask any questions you might have about the installation, operation of the equipment and to review an After Install Packet that you will be provided.

The After Install Packet will contain information on any permits that may have been obtained for your project and what you should do about having inspections completed. Also included will be information on warranties, utility rebates and maintenance, if applicable. The end-goal is to make sure you are satisfied with the work we've done and are confident in the result for years to come.

High Level Schedule

  1. Request an Appointment
  2. On-site Analysis / Scope of Work
  3. Project Scheduling
  4. Project Implementation
  5. Project Followup

A Name To Trust

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority, and that means taking the time to educate customers and to build relationships - not just fulfill a service call.

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