Gas Fireplaces


Turn up the heat in any room.

Safe, Smart, and Stylish

Gas fireplaces offer a great way to not only heat areas of your home, but also add drama and style to a boring space. The traditional word-burning fireplaces are still a staple of the American home, but without the need for a bulky chimney, labor-intensive feeding and adding the bonus of style and modern design, gas fireplace units are now more popular than ever.

Not only do these gas fireplaces offer a modern aesthetic, but they also offer an efficient, direct method of supplying heat to problem-areas and areas that are simply more commonly used. This allows you to save in energy bills by heating smaller areas on demand instead of simply cranking up the thermostat.

The paramount concern of every homeowner when adding a fireplace is safety. That's why HEI technicians are available for installation of gas fireplace units and gas supply lines in a professional, responsible manner. Exhaust and supply are two factors that need to be respected when dealing with a gas-burning appliance and a professional implementation may save you the headaches and problems associated with self-installation.

We offer Heatilator fireplaces for their beauty and quality efficiency. For a complete list of Heatilator products, click the logo below.


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